Sermon Series: Shift Happens

On December 11th, people of Grand Island’s three UM churches gathered at Trinity for simultaneous Church Conferences – the annual meeting at which we report where we’ve been and agree on ways to live into our mission in the coming year.  This year, each Church Conference approved the UM4GI Parish Covenant, which helps to define the relationship of the three churches and set a course for collaboration.  Each church presented the Parish Covenant as its “Discipleship Plan” (a set of goals and plans for fruitfulness that the Annual Conference recommends each church have).

We recognize that people will continue to identify with a certain location of United Methodist ministry.  We also hope that the ministry at each of these locations can further this overarching vision for the UM4GI Parish:

We, as UM4GI, are to grow and strengthen our United Methodist witness and service to Grand Island by building intentionally diverse and inclusive relationships that focus on a mission of hope, transformation, and new life.

The pastors and lay leaders of the parish have this as a dream: that together these three churches will be stronger, healthier, growing in spirit and number; that we would be a people characterized by excellent and heartwarming worship, engaged learners and teachers of the faith, and inspired service for others.

To realize this dream we will:

  • Draw others into a variety of prayer and worship experiences
  • Enrich people of all ages and locations through Christian education and activities
  • Develop committed followers of Christ by nurturing and using their gifts and talents
  • Identify and respond to the physical and spiritual needs of our local and global communities
  • Be welcoming and engaging congregations to the diversity of our community.

Working toward these goals will challenge us to stretch beyond our comfort zones, to learn and do new things, and to continue the excellent things we currently do. The first step is to catch the vision, to share the dream, and claim it as our own.  Please plan to attend worship in January as we explore these values and goals.

The preaching rotation is below and sermon titles will include:

  • Boundary Pushers
  • More than Milk
  • Being More Vile
  • Baptized to Transformation
January 7-8 January 14-15 January 21-22 January 28-29
Faith: Matt Fowler Faith: Lyz Rhodes Faith: Chad Boling Faith: Jay Vetter
First: Chad Boling First: Matt Fowler First: Jay Vetter First: Bob Rhodes
Trinity: Jay Vetter Trinity: Chad Boling Trinity: Bob Rhodes Trinity: Matt Fowler

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