U2charist 2015

U2charist 2015

Read the article that was in The Grand Island Independent on Wednesday, March 25th HERE.

Listen to the U2charist Radio Spot HERE!

UM4GI is hosting a U2Charist Worship Service again this year for Maundy Thursday:

April 2, 7pm, at the Grand Theater.

A worship service with music you may or may not be familiar with is tricky.  To help you prepare, check out this playlist of all the songs we’ll be using in worship (please note: YouTube is responsible for any advertisements, not UM4GI).

Other information about the service will soon follow, including why we do the things we do in worship.  You can click here for an explanation of why each song has been selected. For now, here’s an answer to a good question: “Why U2Charist?”

We know of rock music, but typically we place it in a category separate from so-called “religious” music. We divide things as “sacred” and “secular.” Yet, Jesus said even rocks would shout in praise of God. If even rocks can praise God, then we have to question our divisions. What about rock music?

The music of U2, like many other bands deemed secular, is filled with issues and images of the Christian faith. Especially present in U2’s music are themes of longing, a search for meaning, and joyous praise at the beauty of creation, humanity, and love. These are themes of the Christian life, and so a better question is, “Why not U2 in worship?” Like the very stones Jesus mentioned, we all are filled with God’s Spirit that needs only a little coaxing to burst forth in praise. (Plus, U2 and its music publisher allow free use of U2’s music for a U2Charist if the money raised supports one of the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals). Click here to learn more about the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals!

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