UM4GI Prayer Shawl Ministry

UM4GI Prayer Shawl Ministry

Bette Shellhorn of All Saints Lutheran Church in Mason, Michigan began a prayer shawl ministry of knitting , crocheting, and prayer in 2000.  Since then, it has spread to United Methodist Churches and churches of every denomination.

UM4GI started a new prayer shawl ministry on December 8th with the blessing of 26 prayer shawls.  Most prayer shawls are knit or crocheted, but if you weave, tat, or have another creative talent for making them, you could share these gifts in making a prayer shawl.  If you would like to contribute to this new ministry, but are not able to make a prayer shawl, you can contribute yarn or monetary donation to help offset the cost of making them.

Each prayer shawl begins with a prayer.  There are not specific guidelines for receiving a prayer shawl.  A family member may ask for one, a member of the congregation may know someone in need, or maybe someone asks for one themselves.  They are for anyone who needs wrapped in prayer, comfort and the assurance of our God’s love.

If you are interested in helping make prayer shawls, or want to give one or receive one, contact any UM4GI church.  The pastors, parish nurse, and Kat Kluska, director of Stephen Ministries, will coordinate in the delivery of prayer shawls.


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