“Lost and Found” – Share Your Story!

“Lost and Found” – Share Your Story!

Almost everyone has a story of being lost (physically and/or in terms of messing up in our lives). You are invited to tell a story below about situations of lostness and self-discovery. Please fill out in the box below under “Leave a Reply” by March 8. Include if you would like to remain anonymous or are comfortable sharing your name.

Thank you!

Pastor Theresa


One thought on ““Lost and Found” – Share Your Story!

  1. I was lost until just a few years ago when God step in between me an the path I was going down. It was this miracle that changed me an made me a completely different person than what I was before 2006 an every year since then He’s helped me grow an become one of his teachers in showing people that there is really a God an he loves each an everyone of us an only wants us to follow his visionary path that he’s made for each an everyone of us. Since that moment in 2006 I have grown an went on my own missionary journey an became an ordained minister an has done all I can possible in serving when were he has sent me. I want to remind everyone that God loves each an everyone of you an that despite any set back you may have on this Earth God still loves each & everyone of his children an will always know the choices your going to make even before you do know an he will send you spiritual messages letting you know if your choices are the correct ones or wrong ones in life. Continue to trust in him an let him guide each an everyone of you in this journey called life an he will never let you fail. He is a loving God an only wants what is best for each one of his children.

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