Going Green with UM4GI

Going Green with UM4GI

UM4GI’s Going Green Group believes in the importance of taking care of our planet as part of our role in stewardship while we are here on Earth.  If you share this belief and would like to participate in Going Green’s variety of efforts contact Trinity UMC’s office or partake in the following ongoing activities sponsored by this environmentally-conscious group.

  • UM4GI’s Going Green Group encourages you to recycle as a way to protect our planet and keep the environment clean.  Bring your used paper and cardboard products to the collection site at Trinity UMC’s Northeast parking lot.


  • Consider purchasing Equal Exchange Coffee & Cocoa products from any UM4GI church.  For over 25 years, Equal Exchange has provided coffee and food products that are traded fairly to empower both the farmers and consumers of their products.  Fair Trade benefits small farmers and producers that may be getting overrun by major farming productions and corporations.  Promoting the small-scale famers in turn benefits the small communities they are a part of as well.


  • Help support rural sustainability by purchasing from Nebraska’s Food Cooperative as a way to bring local foods to local folks in our state.  Nebraska farmers, gardeners, and skilled crafters offer you the best of their products through this cooperative.  There is a wide range of products to choose from and anyone can find something they want to buy locally!  Refer to the website link above to find ordering and pickup schedules.  Trinity UMC is a pickup location for the Co-Op!



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