First-Faith UMC Custodial Job Position

First-Faith UMC Custodial Job Position

First-Faith United Methodist Church located at 4190 W. Capital is seeking part time custodian. Applications will be accepted until October 29th, 2014. You can download the application here or pick one up at First Faith UMC. Please see below for the complete job description.

All interior areas of the church are to be cleaned at least once a week, cleaning schedule will be coordinated with the office administrator depending on scheduled activities at the church. Maintain and purchase cleaning supplies, paper products, and soap as needed. Perform special cleaning duties as assigned. (ie. weddings, parties)


Clean all five restrooms at least weekly.

Clean sinks, toilets, and mirrors.

Mop floors and empty trash.

Refill paper towel dispensers and toilet paper.

*Carpeted areas:

Sanctuary, classrooms, cry room, fireside room, offices, nursery, hallways, and entry are vacuumed at least once a week, including moving tables and chairs in classrooms to vacuum under tables and moving items in nursery.  Entry area may need extra cleaning weekly.


In all rooms, dust window ledges, behinds doors, and corners where cobwebs may accumulate.

Dust wood ledges on lobby and sanctuary sides of stained glass windows.

Dust surfaces of furniture and counter tops in all rooms.

*Front Windows and Doors:

Clean inside and outside of front doors and windows at least once a week;  preferably close to Sunday.

*Kitchen, serving area and Fellowship Hall:

Wipe down counter tops, tables, and front of refrigerators.

Clean sinks.

Check and fill paper towel dispensers.

Sweep floor, moving tables and chairs to sweep under tables.

Mop floor, as needed being sure to use the proper cleaner for the floor.


Trash is emptied at least once a week in all rooms.

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