Dinner for Fun

Dinner for Fun

Dinner for Fun is for everyone: young or old, small or large, singles or couples, entire families!  The emphasis is on fun and fellowship, so don’t worry about having to be a cook to participate!  Deli options, take-out meals and store bought items are great options as well!

Here are the basics:

  • Groups of 6-10 people will meet for a meal at least four times a year.
  • Groups will be formed by the Dinner for Fun leadership team as people register to participate.
  • Registration forms will be available to help build groups after the first of the year.
  • The leader for each group hosts the first meal at the location they choose, contacting group members to set up details.  Where and when that group meets subsequently is up to each group and will be decided upon during the meal.
  • The meal is decided by the group:  dinner, lunch, picnic, brunch, pot-luck, etc. Groups can meet where they want—homes, church, etc.
  • Dinner for Fun is about meeting new people you might not otherwise connect with.  The intention is to mix everyone together for more fun!

If you don’t have room to host a dinner or really can’t cook or have time to cook, don’t let that stop you from registering to participate in Dinner for Fun—you are not required to host a dinner at your home to participate.  Dinner for Fun’s intent is for you to spend time eating together, getting to know each other and to include everyone.  Dinner for Fun will begin in 2014 once enough people have registered to form groups.

Be watching church bulletins for registration forms after the first of the year. 

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