Changes in Clergy Appointments Announced

On March 3rd, Staff Parish  Relations Committee (SPRC) leaders at First-Faith and at Trinity read a letter  in worship from Bishop Scott Jones saying that he plans to appoint Chad Boling to Callaway United Methodist Church starting July 1st. On March 2nd and 3rd, Bob Rhodes read a letter at Trinity, and SPRC read a letter at First-Faith that the Bishop of the California/Pacific Annual Conference (where Bob is a member) intends to appoint Bob to a church in Southern California starting July 1st.  In the meantime, they will continue their ministry with UM4GI, First-Faith, and Trinity.  We will let you know about a farewell party and other opportunities to send them off with our appreciation and blessing.

The Parish Staff Parish Relations Committees met on March 3rd as advised by District Superintendent Lance Clay, to figure out what the parish needs for pastoral leadership, given these two changes.  After prayer, careful examination of budget, and consideration of the church’s needs, SPRC decided to ask for a total of three clergy appointments starting July 1st.  (This would be down from our current four appointments, so that both churches can meet their mission shares and keep their budgets balanced.)  It is hoped we will be able to grow to three and a half and eventually four full time appointments in the future). SPRC asked for Matt Fowler to continue as UM4GI pastoral staff, and coordinator of UM4GI, Theresa Mason to continue as UM4GI pastoral staff and senior minister at Trinity, and a third appointment for UM4GI pastoral staff, with an office at Trinity and to live in the First-Faith parsonage on Capital Avenue.  SPRC will keep you updated as the cabinet (the bishop and district superintendents) consider this request and the pastoral needs of UM4GI.



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