Bible Land Exploration 2017

Imagine visiting places mentioned throughout the Old and New Testaments. Imagine walking around the places Jesus walked with his disciples. Imagine taking a boat ride on Sea of Galilee. Would you like to do more than imagine all of this?

Pastor Russ and I invite you to join us as on a Holy Land Pilgrimage and Bible Land Exploration experience. We have been to the Holy Land twice in recent years and are looking forward to making the pilgrimage again with UM4GI members and friends and others who would like to experience this trip of a lifetime. We’ll be traveling during the season of Lent – March 20-29, 2017 with the very experienced and trustworthy Educational Opportunities Tours.

Some call the trip to the Holy Land the fifth gospel because once you’ve been there, you’ll read the Bible differently – recollecting scenes from sacred places, remembering tastes of Mediterranean cuisine, and recalling those moments when you experienced touches of holiness. There’s really nothing that can compare to being in those ancient spaces.

We’ll visit Bethlehem, the place of Jesus’ birth and also Shepherds’ Field. We’ll tour Nazareth where Jesus grew up and also where he spent his last week in Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives; and many, many other places significant to Jesus’ ministry and the Bible narrative.

If you want to learn more about this pilgrimage, look for the brochures and plan to attend one of these information meetings: Wednesday July 6th at 6:30 at Trinity; or Monday July 25th at 7:30 at First-Faith.

-Pastor Trudy

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