Eye-Opening Youth Mission Trip

Thirteen youth and four adults traveled to Denver to serve the ARC Thrift store and experience another community.  We worked together, played together, and worshiped at an AME Church together.  Here are a few experiences through the eyes of our youth:

The African church was a joyful memory.  I liked the pastor because he was telling the truth about life.  The songs were amazing and I enjoyed being there.  I would love to go back there and tell them to worship at our church. – Habiba

We saw a lot of different places like sports arenas. We saw different monuments.  Also the movie center in Aurora where there was a shooting.  We also went swimming.  There was this awesome place called “Casa Bonita.”  It was an awesome restaurant.  We went to a church there, it was Gospel.  Everybody there was excited to see us.  What was surprising was there was lotion in the bathroom.  – Andona

I like volunteering at the thrift store.  Seeing smiles on their faces made me happy.  – Wajdon

I liked how we got to see the Denver Nuggets court, the Broncos stadium, and the Colorado Rockies field.  I also like the restaurant.  We went to the African American church.  That was a blast and I wish we could go again.  – Wellson

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