Turning Christmas Upside-Down #23

I can think of no better way to turn the world upside-down than by joining together in worship.

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Maybe Christmas Eve worship seems like such a tradition for you that you are asking, “How is worshipping turning Christmas upside-down?” In answer, in the simplest of terms, worshipping with a community of other people declares that Christmas is about something that God has done and continues to do in the world – be intimately present – over and against a Christmas culture that leads us to think Christmas is about us and our ability to buy and consume.

More than turning Christmas upside-down though, worship is a way people of faith regularly turn the world itself upside-down – or perhaps more accurately, right-side up. When we worship, we actively reorient our lives around God. When we worship, we proclaim that our lives are part of a bigger story, God’s story, of which we are characters empowered to work with God in creating and redeeming creation. And when we worship, are formed as God’s people created and called to bear God’s presence into the world, in a way similar to Mary’s role in the nativity story.

Enjoy worship! Enjoy your gatherings! And enjoy receiving the good news that God has come into our lives – Emmanuel, God with us.

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