Methodism, Money, & Life

Methodism, Money, & Life

The grand story of the Bible is the story of how God continually seeks out ways to bless creation, to share God’s love and presence with creation.  When God called Abram, God promised to bless him so that “all the families of the Earth will be blessed through you” (Gen.12:3, MSG).  Abram was blessed to be a blessing to others.  In the fullness of time, God took on flesh in Jesus, who established the church as his body, his way of extending God’s grace and blessings to the world.

Because Jesus chose the church as a particular community through which God blesses the world, we have a wonderful gift and a grand challenge in the church.  Through the ministries of our particular local churches, we receive and grow in God’s grace.  And through the church, we are challenged to share God’s grace.

We can live out this challenge, this calling, in many ways as individual members of UM4GI churches.  This November, the UM4GI pastors will be emphasizing one way we can live out our calling as the church to be blessings to others:  our financial generosity.  Through our financial generosity, we enable the church to provide ministries of blessing to ourselves and others.

UM4GI pastors will each preach at each UM4GI worship service on the topic:  “Methodism, Money, and Life.”  Sermons will be based on scripture and draw on the sermons of John Wesley, Methodism’s founder.  Each of the pastors will help us all look at what Biblical texts and Wesley say about our lives and what we do with our money.

The following will be the pastor rotation for this sermon series:

  • November 2/3:  First-Faith—Matt Fowler;  Trinity—Chad Boling
  • November 9/10: First-Faith—Dr. Theresa Mason; Trinity—Bob Rhodes
  • November 16/17: First-Faith—Chad Boling;  Trinity—Matt Fowler
  • November 23/24: First.Faith—Bob Rhodes;  Trinity—Dr. Theresa Mason

Sermon titles and scriptures are as follows:

  • Bob Rhodes – “Where Is Your Heart?” – Matthew 22:34-46
  • Chad Boling – “How Much Should I Give?” – Mark 12:38-44
  • Matt Fowler – “For What Purpose Is Money?” – Malachi 3:8-12 (and Luke 12:13-21)
  • Theresa Mason – “What Is Your Treasure?” – Luke 12:32-34

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Please turn in your financial pledge to your church of membership’s office or in worship on the 3rd or 4th weekends of November (16th/17th and 23rd/24th).



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