Dreaming for UM4GI

The people of UM4GI are truly extraordinary people and the churches we call our own – Faith, First, and Trinity – are equally wonderful.  As great as our witness to God’s love and forgiveness is, we believe the UM4GI Parish and its churches can do and be even more.  We can increase our vitatlity and our witness as collaborative communities of worship, learning, and service.  In order to help the leadership of UM4GI and its churches to do this, we need your feedback.  Below you will find a button to download a letter that was sent to the congregations of all three UM4GI churches along with a one-page survey about your experience of your church and the UM4GI Parish.  Please take a few minutes to prayerfully complete the survey and return it to your church office.

If you have any questions about the survey, or anything else related to Christ’s ministry through UM4GI and its churches, please don’t hesitate to contact a pastor.

Please click the button below to download the survey.  Print, fill out, and return to any UM4GI church office.

[button text=”UM4GI Survey” url=”http://www.um4gi.org/files/UM4GIsurvey.pdf” target=”_blank”]

Or copy/paste this address into your browser:

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