What a friend we have in Jesus

One the hymns that has been part of the United Methodist Church for a long period of time is, what a friend we have in Jesus. The hymn reminds us of the wonderful friend Jesus that we have. A friend with whom we can share all our sorrows and troubles. Jesus is a friend, He says that i no longer call you workers or servants but friends. Friends are people that we share our life experiences with, we share the good and bad part of our lives with them and they are there for us, giving us comfort and companion so we do not despair.

This calls us to re-examine our relationship with Christ, how do we view Jesus.  At times we have an image of a God far separated from our daily realities and often believe in a master-servant relationship. And we also at times take our Lord to be a person whom we simply relate in terms of trouble or approach him only when we are in need.

The Bible makes reference to us being friends of Jesus. We need to bring Jesus closer to us and share our joy, worries and concerns with. Let us share our life secrets with him for He never betrays us and the only person we can trust fully. He is there to provide answers to our questions. It’s a privilege for us to carry our burdens unto him because most of our friends do not always want to be with us at moments of trouble, but he is there for us. At times we don’t see God’s hand in our lives because of doubt and we also don’t carry our burdens unto him. Let’s cast our burdens and troubles to the one who can heal, He makes the impossible become possible. He does miracles that the world will never understand.

Jesus is our friend, a friend indeed and he wants to walk on our side as we go through life. He will never leave us alone and will give us company to the end of the world. Just as we play, share and exchange with our friends, we are called to do so. May His love that stretches beyond our understanding lead us to the truth and acceptance of this friendship with Jesus.

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