Staying Focused

Scripture reading: Matthew 14:22-33

The scripture informs us that Jesus walked on water and the disciples were afraid and thought it was a ghost. They feared for their life and had little faith. They felt insecure due to the absence of Jesus in the boat as they would rely on him during moments of trouble.

Later they came to realize that indeed it was Jesus who was walking on the water and Peter wanted to be certain that Jesus would walk on water. He wanted practical evidence that would strengthen his faith and clear his doubts. Jesus asked him to walk on the water and he did, but only when he started losing focus on Jesus that he began to sink. When the wind blew fast, Peter was afraid and he focused on the wind instead of looking unto Jesus.

In life there are times when we seem to overcome challenges and problems as we look to Christ. Only the time when we begin to doubt, to look at our surrounding, temptations and persecution that we lose focus on Jesus and experience a downfall in our life. Our success is at the peak when we walk with Jesus even in the turbulent waters. Christ is always with us even when things seem to be impossible and we have no hope. As long as we keep our eyes and hope on Jesus, we will not be disappointed or fail.

We need to stay focused in Christ so as to overcome the challenges of this world. Only God has the answer to our problems and when we trust him, he will stretch out his hand to us and we shall not sink. Regardless of the temptations or challenges, God promised us company and he is a friend indeed. If Peter walked on water, then you can also do what seems to be impossible.

May God stretch his hand to us so we may succeed in our endeavors and overcome the challenges of this world.

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