Standing with Christ

God is calling people to stand as his witnesses in the world. To witness God’s love and actions in the midst of his people and be a blessing to the community even during difficult moments. The calling of the Prophet Jeremiah is one of the most dramatic experiences recorded in the Bible, he was told that before he was even created in his mother’s womb, God knew him and appointed him a prophet to the nation. It was a hard task to stand for the rightful things in society and God has wanted him to be his voice in the midst of confusion and negativity. Christ called his disciples to stand with him even at the hour of suffering. Many have been killed, persecuted and rejected simply because of standing with Christ.

We have been called to stand with Christ in the society by being advocates of justice, sharing love to all members of society, showing sympathy and concern to the affected friends and families. Jesus call us his friends and he wants to stand with us at the cross for the salvation of humanity. We being children of God are expected to extend our hand of help and be willing to suffer for the sake of the gospel and truth, remembering that we are not along, Jesus always has his hand extended to us. We have his hand and support. Let us not be disappointed when things get hard but rather be hopeful for God’s manifestation in our activities on earth.

God being with us we shall be able to overcome the challenges of the world and be his witness. We will stand with him and be Christ to the world for the salvation of all.

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