Silence-Devotion May 30

Psalm 46:10a “Be still, and know that I am God!” (NRSV)

Nebraska is known for it’s thunderstorms and as a native I can never get enough. (I am talking about just thunder and lighting, no tornadoes please.) The best part about the storms are when you are on the edge so you can sit outside and watch the lighting and hear the thunder without getting wet by the rain. For me, this time I have sitting outside, is quiet time with God. Do you have quiet time with God?

Watching the storms I can see, hear, and feel God’s power and it humbles me. It shows that there is more in this world than just me. I can get caught up in a lot of things that are just about me in my daily life that seem important but in the long run are they? Some examples of things that take my time away from God are my style, television, worry, and keeping a closed mind. The storms in this area remind me that things are not in my control and that I need to have faith in God. What things get in your way of a relationship with God?

As the verse says above, we need to know God and the best way to do that is to be still for a moment. Slowing down and having silence helps us to connect and listen to God. What things will you do to listen and connect with God? Do you have moments where you feel God’s almighty power?

Almighty God,
Give me the patience to be still in your presence. Open my ears to hear you more clearly. Do not let me forget that I am one of many things in this world you have created and to spend my time for this creation. Give me the strength and wisdom to not get caught up in things that take me away from you. In your Son I pray. Amen.

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