Saying Good morning

In my family it is custom that when you wake up, you need to walk around and check on everyone if they had a good night and say to them good morning with a smiling face. It means a lot to say good morning, especially when you smile, people often tend to forget about their troubles and appreciate your smile and will surely enjoy their day.

One surprising thing about this custom in my family happened when the last born girl in our family, whilst 8 years old was asked to pray before we had breakfast and her opening sentenced amazed us all, she said ” Good morning Lord”. It was surprising because none of us ever thought of that before and especially coming from the youngest person in the family. How often do you greet God by his name and wish him a good day. It feels good to be able to say to God good morning Lord and be in conversation with him for he is your friend and he cares for you, he watched over you the whole night when you were asleep and be grateful to him through a smile, and saying to him good morning doesn’t cost anything and it shows how close we are to our almighty.

Saying to people you meet good morning helps start a brighter day for you at work, home or anywhere you go. It opens up opportunity for you to meet new people and share the love of God to humanity. You may not be able to see the impact that your greeting may have unto another person but remember that we always appreciate and feel God when we meet and greet each other.

Today as you start your day, greet people you meet and wish them a good day, even those who wouldn’t expect such from you and you will surely enjoy your day and God will reward you for sharing that smile on your face.

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