Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem

Nehemiah had to ask for God’s power and assistance to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem after it had been destroyed and had fallen down.  He asked permission from his master so he could travel back home and fix the walls of Jerusalem. He had passion and concern for the holy city and that love for God had seen him through the rebuilding exercise.

His story compels us to rebuild the broken hearts, relationships, souls and lives of people whom we live with. There are many people that had faith in God but because of certain circumstances their trust in God and the strength to move ahead had gone down. Some people have lost the meaning of life and have become hopeless due to what they had gone through and many more people thirst for freedom, love and compassion. These are the broken walls of Jerusalem, the holy city of God. God’s people have come to get a lack of appreciation of live because of economic restraints, social injustice and unfair policies. All humans are indeed created in the image of God and represent the holy city.

God had chosen you just he did with Nehemiah, so you can rebuild they lives of these people. He had chosen you to offer them hope, love, strength and courage to persevere in the Lord. Are you ready to commit your precious time to rebuilding the fallen walls if Jerusalem? God is calling just as he did in the old days, asking, whom shall I send? and who will go for us? Regardless of how difficult the task proved to be to the prophets, they were ready to say, Here I am, Lord. God’s call for you to help those with broken hearts needs not to pass by. We always say unto God, pass me not o gentle savior, hear my humble cry. But today he wants us not to pass by his word and call, he wants us to hear his call and respond to it just as he responds to us.

The call to serve God isn’t only for the clergy but as lay people we are also called to serve Christ, with our knowledge and skills, our strength and love. At a time when many people in our society are dying of preventable diseases, homelessness and poverty, God is calling us to rebuild the hopes of these people, to rebuild the walls so we can provide a safe sanctuary for those who aren’t safe in our society.

May God help us realize that we are called to serve him and go into the world to meet the needs of the poor and needy, so as to regain their faith and trust in the Lord. Indeed the walls of Jerusalem have fallen and we have been given the strength and task of rebuilding it.

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