On the Generosity of God

For the last two weeks Kathryn and i have been away helping with the Youth Annual Conference in Lincoln and the youth camp at Fontanelle. It was a wonderful experience to worship with youths and interact with them about their faith and relationship with peers and God. One of the outstanding lessons from camp is how generous our God is. He is a non-selective God who is so generous that he does all the best for the sake of the welfare of his children. Jesus told his followers a parable where a man had to pay all his workers the same amount, those whom her hired in the morning and those he hired in the afternoon. Those who labored the whole day weren’t happy with that but he articulated how generous he needed to be towards all of his workers. Jesus’s message was to teach us that God doesn’t look at how we got where we are, when we got there but rather wants fair treatment for all his children and as such pays them accordingly. Because of such overwhelming love of our God, we have learnt to be generous to all people we meet. Being generous isn’t only expected of those in administration but all of God’s children. We need to be generous to the needy members of our community, to the poor and marginalized. We need to share our resources and goods with those that need them. Just as the young people over the last two weeks learnt about being generous and showing hospitality to all regardless of their background. Just as Jesus loves us and does all the good he can for us, so we need to extend such love and service to all.

May God bless you today as you show your love to all.

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