Faith, Hope, Trust and Love

This past Sunday as we had Children’s time we reflected on the story of Ruth and Naomi. We mainly focused on helping the needy, poor and widows in our community. But today we want to reflect on the in-depth spiritual teaching and relevance of this story to our lives. The story informs us how Ruth insisted that she won’t leave Naomi even though they both were widows  and had no other source of survival in a foreign land. The story re-emphasizes the relevance of 4 principles and key aspects of our Christian faith.  The first aspect is Faith in God, Ruth and Naomi both had faith in God. They were faithful servant and knew that the Lord would also be faithful to them and accomplish his promise of seeing them through even during hard times. Faith is the hope of things that we haven’t yet received or seen, it is the hope that the Lord has done good to us even when we haven’t yet seen it.  They had faith in God and so we also need to have faith, the faith that regardless of the challenges God is with us and will see us through. It doesn’t matter where we stand in our lives but who we have faith in and how we relate to him.

The second lesson that we learn from the story is being hopeful and optimistic. Even though from the practical side of life, there was reason for them to be hopeless, they were optimistic and believed that time shall come when tears will be washed away from their face and they shall rejoice together. If you have faith in God, then you need to be optimistic because faith will allow you to foresee and experience God’s love and help in your life.

Ruth trusted Naomi and her God. Because of the time they spent together and how they lived, she trusted Naomi who became her friend and she also trusted her God. She trusted the God of Naomi because of her life and testimony. She trusted that God was in control of her situation and that something positive will happen. Naomi became a living testimony to Ruth about God, she represented God in a way that her daughter in law was convinced of the need to believe in God. And she makes it clear when she insists that she will not leave Naomi, and that she said, ” Your God will be my God and your people will be my people”. How many people can look at our life and trust the God that we pray, how many people will be attached to us because of our spiritual life and how it is interpreted by the way we live. As Christians, we are called to live a life worth imitation by others and be a living testimony of God’s presence and love in human society. In Ancient days and it’s still happening today, often when people pray they make reference to the God of Abraham, the God of David or Isaac, and do you believe that through your life people will pray to the God you believe in and call unto God through the life that you would have lived. We are compelled to live a blameless life, a life that will show to the world that they can trust the God we worship and that is the only way we can be living witnesses of God on earth.

The concept of love is also at work in Ruth’s story. Ruth loved Naomi and it is that love which made her believe in Naomi’s company and spirituality. Jesus reminds us that the greatest commandment is love, we have to love one another just as our father loved us. We have no choice but to love, to love not just those people we know but also the people we don’t know. To love the poor, sick, homeless, and all people regardless of social stratification. The love of God is unlimited in our life and he has called us to extend that to humanity.   The love that the two widows had for each other went beyond marital ties and they allowed it to be extended to other aspects of their life.

We are called to a life of truth, hope, trust and love so we can be witnesses of God in the world. We pray that God will help us realize the need for us to believe in him and love all people in our community.

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