Devotion- June 4

Faith makes everything possible

Scripture reading: Matthew 8:23-27 NIV

The story in the scripture informs us of the experience of Jesus sailing with his disciples and the furious storm and waves that they had to face whilst trying to cross to other side of the lake. The disciples were afraid for their lives and they were troubled and knew that only Jesus could provide an answer to the problem.

So they decided to find Jesus and wake him up as he was sleeping. But the surprising response from Jesus was that they had little faith. They could not believe in their ability to command the storm and waves to stop. Jesus then rebuked the waves and all was brought back to normalcy.

This experience reminds us of the fact that Faith makes everything possible. It is faith in Christ that will allow us to do the impossible and surprise the world. The waves could follow the commands of Jesus and he gave us such powers and all that is required is for us to believe in those things that we hope for. Our message to the world should be a message of hope and the firm belief in God’s transforming power for a new world.

As the world is experiencing trouble through unending violence in Syria and other parts of the world, we as Christians have the responsibility to pray for peace and speak a message of hope and good news to the affected people. It is our faith in God that will bring our message into realization and fulfillment.

Let our faith not be troubled because of the challenges we go through daily, but let us be hopeful of the good things that God has promised, reminding ourselves that it is only faith in God that can transform our circumstances and make the world a better place.



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