Rampin’ It Up!

As a child, I remember regularly building ramps of plywood and railroad ties for my bike in the alley.  Build, jump, build bigger, jump again: ramps exhilarate.

A church can’t ride a dirt bike over a ramp, but I think we, as churches of the parish, can relate.  Over the past two to three years, we’ve set up quite the ramp.  Clergy and lay people began pulling pieces together when we said, “We can be better pastors, churches, and disciples together.”  In affirming the Parish Covenant in 2011, we put some pieces together.  In Faith and First moving toward marriage, we’ve built the ramp higher.  And in welcoming Pastor Theresa into our midst, the ramp is even higher.

At every point along the way, we’ve ridden over the ramp and felt the exhilaration – and the fear.  Each time, we’ve landed with a little more excitement.  Worship across the parish gains momentum and energy.  New people are drawn in and included into the parish communities.  And new groups of study are beginning to pop up.  May we continue to ramp it up, to build and hone ministries of worship, growth, and service.  May we catch the excitement and be thrilled.

Pastor Matt


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