Parting Shot #3: Challenge

One of a pastor’s jobs is to challenge the congregation to faithfulness to God’s call.  I am hesitant to issue challenges in a “parting shot.”  Here goes anyway!

I believe God is calling Trinity UMC to:

  • Seek community with all God’s Children who share Grand Island.
  • Keep growing UM4GI with a sense of service to the community.
  • Deepen spiritual vitality through vibrant   worship, study, and sharing.
  • Help folks respond to threats to the sustainability of the earth. Global warming and environmental degradation manifest themselves in human suffering.  How will the church respond to the human suffering and help develop an ethic of environmental stewardship?

When you get through with all that, give me a call and I will come up with something else!

Maureen and I have our own challenges. Fortunately I am married to a wonderful role model and mentor on how to lead a meaningful life outside of a job.


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