One Final Parting Shot from Pastor Jay

I think I am finally willing to go to heaven.  I have been a little reluctant ever since fourth grade.  Our Sunday School teacher talked a lot about heaven.  It seemed like she would rather be there than spending time with us.  It was really dull.  I remember thinking that if that was what heaven was like I would rather just die.  I also began to worry about judgment.  I would rather just die and skip judgment.

After 42 years of helping people try to connect with God through the church, I am willing to go to heaven where “…God’s home is with people! . . . He will wipe away all tears from their eyes”  (Revelation 21:3b).   My experience has been that the church has not always been the place where “…anyone who is thirsty will be given the right to drink from the spring of the water of life without paying for it”  (Revelation 21:6b).  I have tasted heaven when the barriers in the church that separate us have been breached by the grace of Jesus Christ.  Heaven is going to be a lot more interesting than I ever imagined in fourth grade!  Those tastes of heaven have come only after I trusted God enough to give up my fears, doubts, and prejudices and began to see other folks as God’s children.  Keep judging me Lord, so that I can taste  heaven!


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