Membership & Commitment

Our September sermon series focused on the membership vows in The United Methodist Church and how we might consider supporting the ministries of our UM4GI congregations with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, and our service.  It is a commitment that is important to the life of the church, and we remember it in our spiritual journeys from baptism and through joining the church, and even in the congregational response when others are baptized.

In remembering our commitments to membership during these rich worship experiences, are we motivated to live out those commitments?  Are we aware of them, or are they simply words we read from a page or from a screen?  It is my hope that our September sermon series has been both instructive and inspirational.

This fall has offered several such opportunities and more are sure to come.  From mission and service to financial gifts to worship opportunities to prayer and witness to our communities, God invites us to participate in the ongoing ministries of the church universal.

For those who are not yet members of a UM4GI congregation – and for those who would wish to explore what membership means, regardless of membership status – a Membership Orientation takes place this fall.  It is our hope and prayer that we may all consider the many ways God calls us to support the ministries of the global church and our UM4GI congregations locally.  This is a commitment we may enter into with joy and thanksgiving, and is a challenge that calls us deeper into growth and learning.  May we all be blessed as we choose to bless others.

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