Learn & Grow by Pastor Chad

Admittedly the garden in our backyard is more Trista’s than mine, but I have still learned much from the simple practice of getting our hands dirty.  It is a rewarding process moving from nothing, to tilling, to fertilizing, to planting, to watering, to waiting, and to harvesting.  Though I do not get the quick fix of a supermarket, the simple fact that our family grew these tomatoes, lettuce leaves, beats, and peas makes them taste even better.  The time spent getting our hands dirty rewards us in more ways than simply physical.  We are better people and have a better sense of the world because of immersing into the gradual process of growing.  Likewise, the most important part of Christian life is continual growth within our spirit.  I imagine we all have some work to be done.  Inside these pages, you’ll find many places to connect—be they learning or serving opportunities.  It is my hope that as the summer winds down, this natural point in the rhythm of life becomes a place for you to enter into some growth within your own life.  And as always, if none of these hit the spot, talk to a pastor so we can plant some new possibilities.


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