Jay’s Parting Shot #4: Gratitude

Thanks for bearing with me through the journey of parting shots – feelings, confession, challenge, and now, finally, gratitude.  I believe that gratitude is a good place to finish – and to start.  Come to think of it, finishing and starting are intimately related.   As I finish being a full time pastor and start retirement, I am grateful for all the folks who have shared the experience with me.  Thanks for letting me into your lives.  Thanks for helping me grow.  Thanks for being honest.  Thanks for trusting.  I am grateful to be able to do a variety of  things I enjoy.   I am grateful to be able to feel like what I did was important to God and people.  I am grateful for all my paychecks – I haven’t missed one in 42 years! I am grateful for a wonderful life partner and great children.  And finally, I am grateful for all the expressions of gratitude, support, and appreciation that have come our way.


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