From Pastor Theresa

As the school year begins or continues in year-round schools, I am reminded that the United Methodist heritage celebrates learning and growing.  John and Charles Wesley, who began the Methodist church, were life-long advocates of education. John Wesley was an avid learner, even reading books as he rode on horseback.  United Methodists have a long history of advocating for the rights of all to have a good education.

Whether we are enrolled in school or not, we all can continue to learn and grow.  Our vision for UM4GI says:  “The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”  Disciple means student.   Those who follow Jesus are his students.  As his disciples, we keep learning about Jesus and how we can follow him.  Check out some of the opportunities that UM4GI offers for people of all ages.  Let us know what else might interest you.
May God bless students of all ages and all who teach, support, and assist in our churches and our schools.  May God bless us as we learn from each other and as we study, pray, and follow Jesus in our daily walk as disciples of Jesus.

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