From Pastor Theresa: Worship Isn’t a “Spectator Sport”

From the beginning of the church, people have gathered together with one another to worship God. Worship isn’t a spectator sport. It is something that we do together: we sing; we pray; we greet and grasp one another’s hands; we eat and drink together around the table; we proclaim the Good News; we offer our gifts and our lives; and we prepare to be sent out to act out—to do—God’s love in the world. We do not do this alone, but through the Holy Spirit and the support of one another. So if one person is too deeply grieved to sing, the rest of us take up the song; if someone cannot find the words to pray, we lift up the prayers for one another through the Spirit in us.
We come together with all that we are to be renewed and restored for our daily living. We come as ordinary people with ordinary elements of bread and juice, water, and acts of praise and pleas for help and mercy, to remember the extraordinary actions of God in Jesus and in our lives. We come to remember who we are and whose we are in Christ. We come to remember the stories of Jesus and the great works of God. We come to encounter the mystery and power of God’s transforming love shown to us in Jesus. We come so that God can touch us and make a difference in how we live, and how we treat our neighbors as we go back into the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Theresa Mason

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