From Pastor Theresa: November Pastoral Notes

My favorite season is autumn. I love the way leaves burn like candlesticks in the wind. It reminds me of how God is with us in all seasons of our lives, through the joys and the sorrows.  In ancient times when fruits of the field were harvested, people gave thanks:

Psalm 67: 1-2, 5-7

May God show kindness and bless us,

and make God’s face smile on us!

For then the earth will acknowledge your ways

and all the nations will know of your power to save.

Let the nations praise you, God,

let all the nations praise you!

The soil has given it harvest,

God our God, has blessed us.

May God bless us, and let God be feared 

to the very ends of the earth.


As we give thanks for all God’s gifts, we join people through the ages who thanked God in seasons of bounty and in seasons of scarcity for all that God provides.   This year, may the Holy Spirit fill us with thanks for all our gifts and remind us of God’s greatness and goodness.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving, not just on the holiday, but all through the month.

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