From Pastor Theresa: “Just a Word or Two”

This is a season when we remember what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ and recommit ourselves to living as his disciples. Some of you may have made New Year’s Resolutions, but so often by this time of January, these get broken or forgotten.

My friend Gloria Roach Thomas suggests that instead of making resolutions that we pick a word or phrase to help us recommit ourselves to God and to orient our lives for the coming year. She said that in 2014 her word was “intentionality”—being intentional about everything she did—at home, at work, in prayer, etc. I picked a word for 2015 that reminds me of my connection to God. It’s not too late to pick a word or phrase for 2015. (We can renew our commitment each day.) You might focus on a spiritual discipline (such as “praise” or “give it to God”); on a virtue (such as “humility” or “compassion”); or a gift from God (such as “joy,” “peace,” “courage”). You may choose something to bring healing to your relationships (such as “forgive” or “stay connected”).

I invite you to pray and ask God to help you select a word or phrase that will help orient your life in the months ahead. May God bless you this year.

Pastor Theresa


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