From Pastor Theresa: Glimpses of Joy, Beauty, and Things Worthy of Praise

I’m looking forward to Lent because it is a special time to deepen our relationship with God.  My Spiritual Director suggested that I write down one thing (or more) in a journal each day during Lent that gives joy or at least brings a benefit. This practice is based on the following prayer in the New Zealand Prayer Book: God of our life, be with us through this day, whether or not it brings us joy.  Help us when evening comes to recall one benefit, for which to give you thanks.  Amen. When I write my thanks (or draw pictures of what brings joy), it makes me more aware of all the moments of beauty, love, and things worthy of praise throughout the day.  Then, at the end of each week, or the end of Lent, we can reread those joys or benefits.  Whether this is a season of calm or one of pain and chaos, this spiritual discipline can help you see Jesus with you and help you offer thanks to God for the benefits.  May God offer you glimpses of joy or at least help you be aware of the benefits as we journey with Jesus to the cross and to the hope of Easter.


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