From Pastor Theresa: “Doing Easter”

I overheard two men talking when I went to get my hair trimmed. One said to the other, “Do you do Easter?” I didn’t hear the answer, but I wondered what he meant when he said “do” Easter. My sister “did” Easter with a ham and all the right trimmings. Every year, she would be dismayed when she’d ask me what I planned to serve for dinner and all I’d know so far was deviled eggs (from our kids’ dyed Easter Eggs).

So what do we do to “do” Easter? What does it mean to ‘do” Easter, if Easter shouts that death does not have the last word, that Jesus is victorious over death? What do we do so God’s Spirit can bring new life to those dead parts of our lives?   What do you “do” to prepare for Easter; to prepare for the new life of Christ to restore your soul?

In my Lenten study group we’re reading a book that invites us to give up things for a week or a day for Lent—TV, social media, etc. But we decided that what it really comes down to is finding time in our lives for renewal, for opening ourselves to God-spaces in our hearts and minds – whether it is watching the birds, going for a walk, praying, reading the Bible, or making music. To prepare for Easter is to open ourselves to the wonderful love that God pours out through giving us Jesus, and raising him after he gives himself for us on the cross. So what do you plan to do to “do” Easter this year?

Pastor Theresa


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