From Pastor Matt: “UM4GI” Defined Today

Summer is nearly upon us, which for me means, “Time to order some new maps.” We have vacations to plan and destinations to get to, plus I like a good, old-fashioned map. Maybe you’re the same way. Maps give us a visible sign of where we are and where we’d like to go. They’re about vision.

As the UM4GI Parish, and as individual churches, we’re not there yet. We haven’t defined clearly what it means to be a person of First-Faith, a person of Trinity, or a person of UM4GI in a way we can explain easily to a five-year-old. But we’ve been working hard and I think we’re getting closer. Here’s what closer looks like.

“UM4GI” isn’t a thing; it’s an idea and a relationship. Being the UM4GI Parish means we’re two United Methodist churches sharing our individual lives to better serve Grand Island. Being particularly “United Methodist” Christians means that we seek to “make disciples for the transformation of the world.” And being “Christian” means living into the image of God by worshipping, growing, and serving.

This is where we are on the map. For each of us as individuals, as churches, and as a parish, we know the route by answering, “How do we worship, grow, and serve together?” And our destination is the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.






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