From Pastor Karla: Share the Light of Christ

Upon reading the novel, A Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman, it gave me pause to reflect upon Epiphany. The novel set after World War I is about Tom who becomes a lighthouse keeper on a small isolated island. It is the perfect vocation for him as he is rigorous in detail and determined to keep the light functioning in purpose for all those traveling at night by sea. It is also a good match for him because he is trying to escape his memories of the war that haunt him. On his leaves from the island he meets and marries Isabel. They eventually get caught in a baby stealing scandal that will influence the rest of their lives.

Epiphany is about light as well. It is the light of Christ in the world that penetrates the darkness and gives light and direction to our lives. As Christians, our goal is to share this light and live in this light. It sometimes can be a tall order. In the novel, Tom kept the light shining, but the light never shone on the island itself. This seemed symbolic for the family of Tom. They worked so hard to make their life on the island and to keep the light shining, but the light never shone on them and symbolically seemed to effect their decisions that brought dismay and heartbreak.

Our lives can be made up of many good works that bring light to others but ultimately we need the light of Christ to shine on us. We can’t keep giving and giving without the eternal light of Christ filling us with love and joy and new ways of looking at ourselves and the world.

We need to take time to feel the warmth of Christ’s light to give us direction, to give us hope and a new outlook.

Pastor Karla Sheffy

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