From Pastor Karla: Preparing for the Birth of Christ

The days leading up to Christmas are my favorite time of the year. I enjoy all the hub bub. All the stores getting ready two or three months ahead, the towns and cities garnishing the streets with lights, trees and ornaments, and the homes being transformed with the glow of the season is exciting. Also, the prospect of family coming far and near to spend time together is a great blessing. I have to admit, preparing the food that abounds during this season and eating it is a great treat as well. All of these preparations get me ready to celebrate the birth of Christ. But hands down without a doubt, my favorite way to prepare for the celebration of Christ is in worship. This time of year in the Christian world even has a season dedicated to this preparation. It is called Advent. Worship the four Sundays before Christmas leads us to prepare our life for the great gift of Jesus our Christ. All those preparations that I love so much take a lot of work. Remaining open to the gift of Jesus also takes a lot of work. Advent asks us to work Christ into our life in a more meaningful way so that we will embody the gift of a transformed life every day, not just at Christmas.

Pastor Karla Sheffy

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