From Pastor Darren: “What is Forgiveness?”

Research has shown that forgiveness is a decision to let go the desire of revenge someone who has done wrong towards a person. Forgiveness is a natural resolution of the grief process that acknowledges pain or a loss. Forgiveness is not the same as reconciliation which is when two people come together in mutual respect. Reconciliation and forgiveness are different because forgiveness is possible without re-establishing a relationship with the person who has done you wrong. The person or individual that you forgave may no longer be a part of your life or they could even be deceased. The benefit of forgiveness is a conscious decision to offer generosity and mercy to the person who has done you wrong and they may not deserve it. Forgiveness is the central value of most faith traditions. Forgiveness is something that we choose to do for our own wellbeing. Forgiveness is when we acknowledge to ourselves what has happened and how we feel about it. It is when we acknowledge the wrong that was done to us but not wish to harm the other person who hurt us. The bible states that there are two types of forgiveness which is when God forgives us for our sins and we are obligated to forgive others for their wrong doing to us. So let us be in a mind of forgiveness.

Pastor Darren

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