From Pastor Chad: Pastor Ponderings #2

I have always wanted to keep transitions quick and painless. There is a phrase, “liminal space,” which describes this uncomfortable and ambiguous feeling of being caught between two realities. I am in this space, and have been for months, between Grand Island and Callaway–and it has been tedious for me. While there has been an aspect of wanting to be done with this waiting, I am learning there is also important work to be done in this liminal space. I have said goodbyes, closed files, and met the new hope and energy which will be coming. I have felt since being in Grand Island, we’ve been in this space. We have been feeling our way in the dark, hoping to cling onto something that might define our churches, our journey, our lives. I believe as churches, this is some of the most important work we can be doing right now–is figuring out where our lives are centered so we can name it and live into it. I’ve only realized that to a greater extent now in my departing. So while I figure out how to move forward, may we all journey together as people in this liminal space.





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