From Pastor Chad: Lent

We’re entering into a time called Lent, which is 40 days (not including Sundays) of working on our spiritual lives as we prepare for Easter, Christ’s resurrection.  Remembering Noah’s time in the ark, the Israelites time in the desert, and even Jesus’ time in the wilderness, it is a time set apart for reflection on where you might be going. There have been numerous studies on people at the end of life, many of whom have feelings of regrets or unfulfilled lives.  It is a tragic place to be in when at the end of life you see how you might not have lived into your fullest potential.  Lent might be a time, then, to look at the pieces of your life and ask if you really are contributing to the world and bringing light and life to yourself and others. To put it another way, Lent might be that time for us to set aside the meaningless and live into the life that God created and is creating for us.  The question for us this season, then, is are you listening?









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