From Pastor Chad: I Love to Tell the Story

We constantly hear stories in our lives, yet lately I’ve been more aware of that fact.  I’ve been visiting the homes we will be serving for MissionFest: mostly elderly who are unable to do various projects around their homes.  Just this simple offer of freely helping someone has opened a huge need of people to tell their stories.  From the meaningfulness of family photos, to the love of a community as it continually changes around them.  From sitting with someone dealing with cancer, to offering someone a hug after hearing they have been living alone for some time.  These are the beautiful moments of ministry because the stories we tell paint a rich picture of not how things happened, but where we see meaning in our lives.

Some people are great at adding funny details, and some have troubles remembering the punch line.  Some have many stories about sadness, loss, and little hope, while others’ stories radiate joy and positivity.  So how do YOU tell your story?  Do you have more stories of joy and thankfulness?  Or are many of your stories of lament or regret?  While it is human to feel the gamut of emotion, the frequency of certain stories can weigh heavily on our shoulders.  So may each of us continue to rework the stories of our lives so that they may tell God’s beautiful story of grace in the world.

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