From Pastor Chad: Challenging Church, Growing Church

For First-Faith’s Church Council, we will begin tackling a book called Simple Church.  Though I have been to seminary and been a part of the church most of my life, I have found it a challenging read about what the purpose and focus of the church is.  After being in the church and learning about its structure for some time, to find something challenging or different is a bit disconcerting.  Knowing that the way I envision church is exactly how it was since before Jesus walked the earth was a sense of relief and comfort.  You know?  Have you ever had those moments where something shifts your perspective and you see how God or church might be working differently?  What was that, and how did it make you feel?  The challenge for me is trying to stay open to that so God may do something new.  But maybe that’s how I should grow this Lent.


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