From Pastor Bob: Resurrection

As we continue through the season of Lent, the idea of wandering through the wilderness may seem especially real for us. UM4GI members have received difficult news with the announcements that Pastor Chad will be moving to Calloway and Pastor Bob will be moving to California. What will we do? Where will we go? What does the future hold?

And yet, we are reminded that there is an end to the wilderness journey. We are reminded that even the times that hold us in the most fear and the most anxiety may be the darkness before the dawn. Resurrection is a fulfilling of hope, and is possible even when we feel hopeless.

This is not to say that UM4GI is in a place so dark as to be compared to death. I don’t believe that to be true. Even so, fear and anxiety can make things seem darker than they are. So let us seek out resurrection moments. Let us be continually aware of the many places that God makes things new. Let us have faith that the Holy Spirit is already at work here in our UM4GI congregations, drawing us together into new moments of resurrection and hopefulness.


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