From Pastor Bob: Pastor Ponderings #2

As Beth, Cameron, Zach and I continue to work toward our impending move back to California, we continue to experience grace and love in this transition. It is clear that the goodbyes have begun, grief and encouragement are being expressed, and purging and packing are (very nearly) begun!

Another question that so many ask is this:

Do you know where you’re going?

And the answer very recently changed from a giant question-mark to an enthusiastic


We will be joining the faith community of Pacific Beach United Methodist Church in San Diego, California. I will serve as a solo pastor to this community, who actively reaches out to marginalized persons, including a weekly meal for the homeless that serves nearly 200 people each week!

Only a mile from the Pacific Ocean, this congregation celebrates Easter Sunday and July 4th with worship on the beach. Know that the Rhodes family will be well cared for in Pacific Beach just as we have been well cared for here in Grand Island.




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