From Pastor Bob: Parting Shots #1

As UM4GI prepares for clergy transition and as the Boling and Rhodes families also prepare, we find value in sharing thoughts as we experience these changes together. Much of what the UM4GI family has asked me personally has centered around an issue that is fundamental to much of our Grand Island culture and certainly our Nebraskan culture. This critical question is:

Will you still be a Husker fan when you move back to California?

My answer is YES!!

And I understand the deeper nature of the question. I believe that the way we choose to interact with one another has profound implications on our community and on all with whom we come into contact. While I hope that we (the Rhodes family) have had some impact on the Grand Island community, we are certain that Grand Island and these UM4GI congregations have loved us into becoming new and better people. We have been changed by this place and by you, good people. Thank you.



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