From Pastor Bob: Leadership

As someone who moved from the moderate climate of sunny southern California to the not-so-moderate winters of central Nebraska (it’s 19° as I write this), I’m fully aware of the many ways change can present itself.  As a parish, we as UM4GI continue to experience change in the newness of both First-Faith United Methodist Church and the Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  I remember a sermon series from early 2012 called “Shift Happens,” where we explored this ongoing nature of change.  Indeed, the world does continue to shift.

In order to effectively navigate change as a parish, it is critical that we have effective leaders in place.  Without such leadership, change happens to us; with effective leadership, we instigate and participate in positive change.  Effective leadership is critical.

UM4GI leaders from across the parish will be joining together in a leadership retreat in the new year so that we may engage more fully and intentionally in the ongoing process of change.  The seminar, based on the works of Edwin Friedman’s Generation to Generation and Murray Bowen’s “Family Systems Theory,” will be facilitated by the Rev. Bill Selby, Director of the Center for Pastoral Effectiveness.  Bill uses his understandings of family systems as well as his background in engineering, education, and ministry in his presentations.  Anyone interested in joining this seminar may contact any pastor or UM4GI office.

Your UM4GI leaders continue to grow so that we can together guide our parish into a bright future filled with positive change and transformational results.


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  1. I know Trinity needs to change, but I don’t know how.I have been a member for about 50 years, not that active, but I am here.I guess I want it to be here when I need it. What do the letters HTML mean?I do like what Bob brings to the church.

  2. Lou, I’m glad that your heart remains with the church and that the church continues to serve you. In answer to your question, HTML means “HyperText Markup Language” and it has to do with making words and paragraphs appear in different ways on websites!

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