From Pastor Bob: Final Farewell

As of this writing, Beth, Cameron, Zach and I are working feverishly to finish packing. I leave in just one day to drive one of our cars to California and then to participate in Annual Conference there. When I fly back, our moving truck will be just hours from departure. And as we are so close to the completion of this transition, I recall one more question that many of you have been asking:

Is Lyz (my sister) going with you, or will she stay here in Grand Island?

The short answer to this is: Lyz will stay for at least a while.

And I also read into this a deeper question: will you remain connected with Trinity UMC and UM4GI? Sadly, I will not remain connected in the way that many would wish. As of July 1, you will have new pastors who will have the opportunity to enjoy the same love and care that you have shown to me and to my family. They will celebrate with you and comfort you in times of grief. They will pray with you and laugh with you and worship with you. And I will do those things with another congregation.

Yet as difficult as this may sound, we are still connected in The United Methodist Church, in the universal church, and the communion of saints.

Open your hearts to your pastors and know that I will continue to hold you all in prayer, as I hope you will do for us. May you continue in God’s blessing and peace.





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