From Pastor Bob: Discipleship & Learning

I’ve been thinking about discipleship as Pastor Theresa has been preaching on the United Methodist mission, “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.”  I think it’s critical that we as persons of faith work to keep growing.  How can we transform the world if we ourselves are not transformed?

As this has been on my mind, I preached a few weeks ago on “The Genesis of Transformation,” (note:  if you’d like to hear this sermon, it’s on our website at where I explored ways that we as a community of faith might work to transform ourselves so that we might have the tools to transform the world.  I suggest that there are three ways that we can focus:  worship, service, and learning.

A phrase that I heard when I first arrived here more than two years ago was that “there is spiritual power in gathering together.”  And worshiping in these UM4GI congregations, you have shown me the truth in this.  When we worship together in community, we share with one another our experience of–and understanding of–our creator.  When we serve others, we respond to Jesus’ invitation into servanthood and love.  And when we take time to learn about our faith, we deepen our relationship with our God, our Savior, and the Holy Spirit that continues to work in us each day.

I believe that we can all grow in these areas.  I invite you to consider your commitment to worship.  I invite you to look for ways you can serve, both in your church and in your community.  I invite you to commit yourself to learning more about your faith in one of the many learning opportunities available in our UM4GI congregations.  And if there is something we aren’t doing that would feed you, please let us know!  May we together grow in our worship, our service, and our learning so that we may together transform the world.


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