From Pastor Theresa: “Threshold”

When I was in seminary, I lived in a big house with a group of other students. We called our community “Threshold,” because we believed we were at a time in our lives that was a threshold into new adventures with God and life. Now Trinity and First-Faith are at a threshold of transition, as we prepare to say good- bye to the Revs. Matt Fowler, Karla Sheffy, and Darren Guthridge; and welcome the Revs. Trudy Kenyon Anderson and Russ Anderson. We’re also having a number of other staff changes this spring. Transitions can be stressful whether they are occasions of joy like the birth of a baby or graduation from high school, or times of sadness or loss. But in all these transitions, God is with us, helping us across the threshold into new phases and adventures in our lives and in the church. May God, whose mercies are everlasting, be with us all, in this time of transitions.

Pastor Theresa


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