You may know that I was in a car accident a short while ago; and every time I’ve told the story, one part of it always gets the same reaction.  I was rear-ended, and I saw them coming in the rear-view mirror before they hit me.

And every time I say that, people cringe.

It’s because we all know that seeing something like that coming makes us tense up, and that tense-ness can make us more susceptible to injury.  And it’s not just car accidents where that’s the case.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone when you knew they were about to say something you didn’t want to hear?  Did you start to feel tense?  Were you ready with some kind of response – perhaps even one that wasn’t very nice – before they said it?

Have you ever expected bad news before you knew for sure?  Did you start to feel tense?  Did you even feel a little bit afraid?

The problem with this is that I think sometimes a negative anticipation can change the way we experience something.  Of course, something like a car accident is almost always going to be pretty negative.

But what if we made an active choice to anticipate the positive?  What if we made an active choice to live in hope rather than fear?  What if – instead of expecting the worst – we expected greatness?  How would that change your perception of the world around you?

I think God calls us to be a people of hope, and for that hopefulness to brighten our spirits and our hearts so that we can spread that light of hope to everyone around us.  May we all be blessed with God’s peace, and spread hope in our homes and in our community.

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